Dr. A. Andrea Licari-LaGrassa Head shot

Dr. Andrea Licari-LaGrassa

Professor of Management and Marketing and Director
St. John’s University, Collins College of Professional Studies, and the Fashion Institute

Dr. Andrea Licari-LaGrassa has been serving as a full Professor of both Management and Marketing at St. John’s University, Collins College of Professional Studies, and Director of the Fashion Institute. She served both a career mentor and a career coach. Having her hand on the pulse of industry has given her department the ability to create
programs that give SJU students the greatest career opportunities.

Dr. Licari has worked diligently in placing students in internships that highlight her
student’s talents. To this end she has chaired the development of Bachelors programs in Hospitality, Real Estate and the newest group effort is in Sustainable Fashion Studies. Dr. Licari came from an international career in marketing, working for global corporations, such as Trans World Airlines, Union Carbide and Prudential Securities and was a Fulbright scholar.

Dr. Licari was also a consultant for the Army ROTC program bridging theory and
practice and her research in this carried into the field of using Business Games as a teaching method, in which she has written two books. As a member of Mount Sinai Hospital’s Women to Women Program, she consulted with women after their diagnoses of gynecological cancer. In support of this, she has been a member of
Congressionally Funded, Department of Defense Committee on Ovarian

She is a member of the board of the Douglaston Local Development
Corporation and is a fundraiser for many non-profits in the city she loves.
She is married to her husband Edward LaGrassa and has two children, Alex
and Hunter.