37756 - Fitzgerald Giddings

Fitzgerald Giddings Jr.

Founder and CEO
JRG Entertainment

Fitzgerald Giddings Jr. is the Founder and CEO of JRG Entertainment for over 30 years. He is a Guyanese-American and grew up in Brooklyn.

JRG Entertainment’s most recent venture has been a partnership with the very popular Caribbean Power Jam Radio. Giddings attributed part of this winning formula to the diverse panel of accredited, trustworthy and dependable guests he has on the show regularly.

Throughout his career, Giddings has been lauded for his commitment to his craft and to his local community.

Under the JRG ENTERTAINMENT banner, Giddings has been involved in many facets of the Entertainment business, often being tapped by other entertainers for his roadmap and template to success. In 2006, he, along with his late wife, opened the JRG Restaurant, Bar & Fashion Café. During its tenure, the JRG Fashion Café became a mecca for an eclectic group of models and designers alike, and patrons at any given time could dine and mingle while viewing a fashion show fusing the idea of food and fashion.

A staple to his brand has been the annual Bikini Under The Bridge Swim Show (BUTB). This swim show has featured a diverse group of models showcasing the works of up and coming as well as notable local and international fashion designers. In 2018, with Gidding’s late wife Karen Pompey Giddings having died of breast cancer, his company made the commitment to annually have BUTB be a platform to raise much needed funds for breast cancer awareness programs to benefit breast cancer survivors.

He is of Guyanese descent and his father, Fitzgerald Giddings Sr., was a great inspiration to him and a pioneer in Business and Entertainment owning his own well-known nightclub titled Inn on the Park.

Outside of the office, Giddings has been an accomplished Interior Designer and a Real Estate Facilitator who currently lives in Brooklyn with his two children Jordan and Jada.