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James C. Richmond




James C. Richmond is an evocative spoken-word artist, poet, writer, actor who through his poetry enlarges our comprehension of the world around us and helps us to grasp our cultural and religious destiny. He is a poet, preacher, writer, artist, community liaison, political consultant and a dedicated individual who serves in helping others. Richmond is also a dedicated family man, community advocate, and organizer. His mantra has been to “service to God and service to Man.” He has been a featured writer for newspapers and magazines in the US and the Caribbean over the years. His poetry can be found in newspapers, magazines and also on social media. He is of Guyanese descent.

Richmond has upcoming books of Daniel and Revelation of the Bible entitled, The Language of Daniel, and The Language of Revelation respectively. Richmond has used his unique talent by writing poetry on the entire 12 chapters of the book of Daniel, and the entire 22 chapters of Revelation in full explanation. He has been a consummate performer of his poetry with a background that spans over 30 years.

He has authored three other books of poetry namely, Reflections of Today, Where the Pomeroon Meets, and On the Window of My Skin. Also, a poetry CD entitled, “Emerging Sound”, with 49 of his poetic pieces. As an actor, he has appeared in many community plays.

As a member of the Mayor of New York Clergy Advisory Council, he has worked with all faiths to foster understanding, respect and good relations with all faith groups across the City of New York for all of God’s creation. Richmond also served on the Taskforce – Faith Advisory to Reopen New York. He was a member of the Guyana Police Force and served as a court orderly and as a member of the President Security Detail or President Guard. As a Multi-Purpose Technician, he worked in the medical field as a Pharmaceutical Technician, Laboratory Technician, and Radiology Technician in Guyana and the Caribbean before migrating to the US. He has been serving as a Community Liaison, Lay Pastor, and Real Estate Broker.