_OS_0023 - Joam Alisme

Joam Alisme



Founder & Attorney at Law
Alisme Law LLC

Joam Alisme is the owner and founder of Alisme Law LLC, a Brooklyn-based law firm that services clients in the areas of commercial and real estate litigation.

Before starting his practice, Alisme worked as a court attorney in Brooklyn’s Civil Supreme Court and the Commercial Division. He also worked as an attorney at a non-profit and at a private law firm. Alisme has been an active member of the Small Law Firm Committee at the Association of the Bar of the City of New York and has served as the Continuing Legal Education subcommittee chair.

Alisme has also been serving as a member of the New York Law School’s Alumni Association Board of Directors. He has been a big proponent of diversity in the legal profession and has spoken and written on the issue at length.

“I never expected that the work that I do daily would be worthy of the Caribbean Impact Award. Like almost everyone, I strive to work hard and to have a positive impact on my community. The principles of working hard and giving back were instilled in me by my parents, who, like me, immigrated to the US from Haiti.

“My service in the US military and my association with mentors, friends, and colleagues over the years reinforce those principles. To the extent that I am worthy of this award, it is because of the community that surrounds me.” Alisme had to say about being a Caribbean Impact Award honoree.