Dawn Kelly

The Nourish Spot Inc.

Founder & CEO


A graduate of Howard University, Dawn’s 30 plus year career promoting campaigns and companies, food and entertainment, people and places, finance, and retirement have taken her worldwide. She can say hello to you in quite a few languages. Formerly Department Vice President of Prudential Financial Inc. and director of public relations for our own York College/CUNY, Kelly is a trusted, seasoned, and proven public relations and strategic communications executive with an award-winning track record of implementing large-scale innovative, integrated communications plans to build brand awareness for businesses, including her own. 


After her three-decades-long corporate and nonprofit career, Kelly now serves as the CEO of The Nourish Spot Inc., a family-owned, quick-serve healthy food, smoothie, and natural juice bar located on the iconic Guy R Brewer Blvd (formerly New York Boulevard) located in Jamaica, Queens, NYC.  


Kelly calls herself an accidental entrepreneur, as she expected to work for some big company until retirement. Some would say God had other plans. Dawn’s life changed four years ago, in September 2015, when a new boss eliminated her role. Relying upon her determination, faith, and own resources, Dawn is now a courageous entrepreneur. In March 2016, she and her young adult children, Owen and Jade, made the business decision to establish an S-corp to provide healthier beverage and food options in the food desert of Southeast Queens through The Nourish Spot Inc. 


Pre Covid-19, the Nourish Spot Inc. had become the community gathering spot where career opportunities are shared, strategic partnerships are set, including the relationship cultivated between LincNYC/South Jamaica Reads and The Nourish Spot that featured read aloud, free book share initiative, wellness information and a healthy snack for families with young children.