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Debbie Hootam

Vice President and Business Relationship Manager
Apple Bank

Debbie Hootam has been serving as Vice President and Business Relationship Manager at Apple Bank and has been in the banking industry for over 20 years. As a client focused business relationship manager, Hootam developed valuable relationships with her customers by providing knowledgeable and trusted financial guidance. She was also responsible for developing successful sales strategies, increasing revenue and expanding customer base for Apple Bank.

Hootam has worked closely with business owners on traditional lending programs as well as commercial and residential investment real estate clients. She continued to establish enduring relationships with highly influential and diverse clients in the New York metro area. Hootam was very passionate about helping others and working at Apple Bank gives her the ability to be active in the communities she serves.

She volunteered at soup kitchens, participated in community clean up events, and currently an executive board member of the local Greenpoint YMCA. In 2018, Hootam was honored as YMCA volunteer of the year. In 2017, she was honored with a Stars under 40 award.

Hootam has lived her life by the value her mother instilled upon her which is hard work, grit and determination. She maintained her passion for supporting people through good and bad, guiding families to help realize their dreams bear fruit and lending a shoulder to lean on. Hootam’s warm personality and dedication to her clients keep her surrounded in success. Being raised by her mom as a widower with ten kids coming to America from Guyana can attest nothing in life is given to you.