Dimple 2

Dimple Willabus

Founder and CEO
Rhythm Nation Entertainment and The Stalwarts Youth Corporation

Dimple Willabus has been serving as the Founder and CEO of Rhythm Nation Entertainment and the Founder of The Stalwarts Youth Corporation. Rhythm Nation partners with CEOs, organizations, entrepreneurs and various government entities, to grow their personal and professional brands and to maximize their effectiveness within their selected industry. The Stalwarts Youth nonprofit was founded to promote literacy and to empower the youth.

After having spent nearly 25 years in the media, marketing and entertainment industry, which proved Willabus the professional expertise to a wide array of organizations and brands. She knew that the key to enhancing brand recognition, developing strategic goals, accomplishing progressive outcomes and generating exponential revenue, is not developed in the boardroom—it’s through building personal relationships and creating a reliable network, with like-minded people. In short, it’s about bringing people together, highlighting the common bond and truly enlightening them on the benefits of achieving each other’s goals through a coalesced effort.

Willabus earned a Masters Degree in Media Studies with a Minor in Marketing and Economics. She also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Television and Radio. As part of her commitment to community engagement and civic participation, Willabus dedicated her time, energy and resources to several organizations, including: Advisory Member for the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and M/WBE Committee, Advisory Board Member for the Visions Center on Blindness, Public Relations Officer for the NYPD 71st Precinct Community Council, Board Member for the South Asian and Indo-Caribbean Alliance, and Appointed Member for the New York City Mayor ‘s Education Task Force –NYC Community Education Council.