Beverly Raudales MD


Dr. Raudales has been with Comunilife for eight years and currently serves as the Senior Vice President for Programs.
In this capacity, she is responsible for the successful operation of all Comunilife housing programs, which include 2,152 units of transitional and permanent apartments in congregate and scatter site settings, the Medical Respite program, as well as the facilities and procurement departments.

Dr. Raudales has a Master of Science in psychology and a medical doctorate in biomedical science and psychiatry – both from the University of New Mexico.
She is an adjunct professor at Fordham University and serves on numerous boards, commissions and coalitions throughout New York City.

In 2020, at the height of the COVID pandemic, Dr. Raudales, under Dr. Rosa Gil’s leadership, and collaboratively with other senior Comunilife colleagues, opened 84 beds for COVID+ patients who were hospitalized but medically-stable and needed a bed to continue their isolation process. Dr. Raudales possesses over 20 years of experience in the nonprofit/supportive housing sector, providing innovative programming designing resulting in successful client outcomes.