Blanca Ortiz

Blanca Ortiz, who was born in Brooklyn and raised in the Bronx, is the eldest child of three. Her parents migrated from the island of Puerto Rico.
Ortiz said her parents worked hard to provide a good quality living for her and her younger siblings.
Ortiz said she knew she had a passion to serve the community when, at a young age, she started to help a neighbor care for her daughter, who had cerebral palsy.
Ortiz earned an associate degree in computer science from Monroe College and was on the Dean’s list every semester.
Though she knew she had the skills and talent to evolve in the technology field, Ortiz said her passion drove her in another direction.
She initially started as the assistant to the coordinator for the Early Childhood Direction Center for AHRCNY in 1999.
Through this experience, Ortiz said she knew she had to pursue her passion. Subsequently, she received a bachelor’s degree in behavioral science from Mercy College.
Soon after, she became a Medicaid Service Coordinator, currently known as a Care Manage.
Ortiz said her career continued to evolve, pointing out that her colleagues, as well as her superiors, witnessed her devotion to the special needs’ population.
From there, she continued to grow within the agency and is now a field supervisor for the Home Care Department at AHRC New York City.
Ortiz said she has dedicated over 20 years of service and is “humbly grateful for the recognition.”
During her leisure time, Ortiz said she enjoys traveling with her husband, and spending time with her three grandsons and her granddaughter.