Constanza “Connie” Pinilla


Born in Bogota, Columbia, and raised in New York, N.Y. State Licensed Attorney Constanza “Connie” Pinilla is a self-proclaimed “American at heart, with a Latina soul.


It is those very roots that have guided her exceptional legal and broker work in Queens, Nassau, and the Hamptons. First completing her degree at New York University with a B.A. in Economics and later the University School of Law with Juris Doctor Degree; Pinilla holds her own private practice The Pinilla Law Firm P.C. where she has served her community with over 20 years of experience in real estate transactions, matrimonial and bankruptcy law. Pinilla’s dedication has gained her the sponsorship of Berkshire Hathaway Laffey International where daily she leads ‘The Connie Pinilla Team’ in all aspects of real estate from negotiating with an optimum outcome to the sale of million-dollar-plus residential and commercial real estate. As Legal Counsel and Vice President of the North Shore Hispanic Chamber of Commerce alongside her fellow board members, Pinilla has been able to establish the Chamber as a unifying and bolstering resource for the Latino community, an organization that would come to serve as a lifeboat amidst the COVID19 crisis. Through the Chamber, Pinilla coordinated various Food Drives and fed thousands of people, and provided educational webinars in Spanish to bring critical information to the Spanish community. Connie Pinilla continues to share a heart and soul dedicated to elevating and sustaining the NYC Latino community.