Gregory Youdan Jr.



Dance NYC


Gregory Youdan Jr. (he/him) works at the intersection of dance, science, health and advocacy.
He identifies as a gay, Latinx, non-disabled, cisgender Dominican American.
Youdan is a graduate of the dance program at Hofstra University and holds Master’s degrees in motor learning/control and applied statistics from Teachers College, Columbia University.
As a dancer, he toured domestically and internationally for over 13 years, spending several years dancing for Heidi Latsky Dance, a physically-integrated dance company with disabled and non-disabled dancers.
Youdanis a Stanley J. Wertheimer Fellow through the Dance for PD program at Mark Morris Dance Group, where he is an assistant, teaching artist teaching classes for PD enEspañol.
He frequently lectures on dance science at several universities, including Columbia University, New York University and University of Rochester.

Youdanhas presented scientific research at various academic conferences, including the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine and the International Society for Posture and Gait Research, and has published in various academic journals. He is also a certified Pilates teacher and continues to conduct workshops for Pilates teachers, based in movement science.Youdan said his passion is bringing dance for health programs for people with neurological disorders.

In this regard, he is a founding member of NeuroGen, which aims to bring care to people suffering from rare neurological disorders in the Dominican Republic.Currently, Yodan’sprimary role is serving as the research and advocacy coordinator for Dance/NYC.He capitalizes on his dance and research experience with Dance/NYC to advocate for dance at the city and state levels, while promoting the organizational values of justice, equity and inclusion. Youdanis an avid foodie and enjoys traveling. He lives in Manhattan with his partner and their three cats.He said he is “extremely honored and grateful to be receiving a Latin Impact Award.”