Johanna Flores



Community Coordinator, Queens Defenders 


Johanna Flores, Community Coordinator for Queens Defenders, was born in Chula Vista, California and raised in Tijuana, Mexico. She is a proud mother of three children, Laura, Carolina and Edwin.

Ms. Flores knows what it is like to come to a new city, learn a new language, and all the struggles that come with it, and that is what makes her so determined to help others. During the pandemic there were so many more needs in the community. Every single day, Johanna would find any donations, food, or resources that she could and give as much as she could to those in need. Seeing how many situations and homes needed assistance urged Ms. Flores to be involved in more ways than ever before.

Ms. Flores began her journey 18 years ago at Hour Children in Long Island City, where she spearheaded and coordinated Hour Children’s Hour Working Women Program. As the Employment Coordinator, she was responsible for the direction and training of women, which lead to connecting them to successful careers. Ms. Flores has been a leader in establishing partnerships with many organizations, such as local business owners, colleges, vocational programs, and other nonprofits.

The program that Ms. Flores now leads allows her to do much more for the community which is what she loves to do most of all. She is a role model, a mentor, and a mother and is extremely passionate about assisting the community. Ms. Flores gives so many individuals motivation and inspiration every day!