Kassandra Perez-Desir

Regional Director of Government Affairs & Public Policy, Verizon, NY Region

Kassandra Perez-Desir is the Regional Director of Government Affairs and Public Policy at Verizon. As Regional Director Perez-Desir oversees and manages government affairs, strategic partnerships, and community engagement in the areas of consumer protection, and telecommunications regulations in New York City and New York State.

Prior to joining Verizon, Kassandra was Vice President at Bolton St. Johns where she represented a variety of clients in the areas of technology, labor, education, and transportation. It was during her time at Bolton St. Johns, that she began to focus on community-environmental welfare; drafting and securing passage of the Clean Air Taxi bill to help support the long-suffering yellow taxi drivers. Perez-Desir would continue to support taxi drivers securing passage of the outer-borough taxi legislation.
Perez-Desir also served as Special Advisor for Environmental Justice to Governor Cuomo securing several grants for nonprofit organizations backing environmental justice programs across the city. As Special Advisor, Perez-Desir built coalitions with external stakeholders.

Perez-Desir’s role as Deputy Director of Immigration with Senator Charles Schumer secured work, student, and travel visas. During the Bloomberg administration, she served as Legislative Representative for State government affairs representing N.Y.C. before the N.Y. legislature in the areas of housing, immigration, environmental justice, and transportation and consumer affairs. Kassandra Perez-Desir continues to advocate for the environmental welfare of communities in her residential Brooklyn and beyond.