Nícolas Robles

Nícolas Robles currently serves as a data scientist at Mitchell Martin. Upon joining the company, Robles said he envisioned the creation of a cloud database capable of structuring and organizing all data involved in Mitchell Martin’s sales process.

Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit New York City, Robles said the database that he built “gained notoriety, and it quickly became a cornerstone of Mitchell Martin’s business continuity, as everyone had to work from home.” 

Through his leadership and ideas, Robles said he continues to “play an essential role in making data and technology available across the company.” 

In addition to his professional duties, Robles also serves as a leader at Hope Hill Church. 

He said he joined the church in 2016 and quickly gained the trust of leadership to run church activities. 

At Hope Hill, Robles said he developed a passion for “fostering meaningful and lasting relationships” with his brothers and sisters in the congregation. 

From 2020 to present, Robles said he has played “an integral role in keeping the church running and open through most of the pandemic.” 

Robles was born in Venezuela to Peruvian parents. He migrated to the United States when he was 14. 

He holds a bachelor’s degree in quantitative finance from Stevens Institute of Technology. 

In 2018, Robles married Rebecca Bellamy, executive assistant at Athene Holding. 

Robles said they are “very happy” to be expecting their first daughter, Isadora Robles, to be born in October. 

Congratulations to Robles and his wife!