Sonia Montano

Vice President, Montano Wood Care Corp

Sonia Montano has more than twenty-five years of experience overseeing day-to-day operations, expanding business, and maintaining partnerships in various local organizations. Through her work as Vice President of Montano Wood Care Corp Montano has combined the work of family and community. After becoming a chief executive officer at MWC alongside her husband and sons, Sonia was able to transform the company from 4 employees to 20 with periodic training, inside promotions, and development by growing the company consistently between 15% to 24% and duplicating its revenue in 2019. The family-run Montano Wood Care Corp became an invaluable resource, providing employment opportunities for surrounding communities. When the COVID19 crisis hit, MWCC and the Montana family remained committed to supporting locals through WHCC, volunteer NY, SBA, and BCW, providing businesses with PPE, information for the PPP loans, grants info, and whatever documents required to ensure the survival of local businesses.

Montano’s commitment to supporting small businesses is just as important as providing quality wood products. The process created for Montano wood finishing and metal restoration company continues to offer the highest quality service to commercial and residential buildings in the New York Metropolitan and Westchester County areas. The work of Sonia Montano and the Montano Wood Care Corp continues to reflect their motto: “Investing in ourselves is the best capital a company can have.” Under the management of Sonia Montano, MWCC seeks innovative ways to use technology, creating the best products to implement new services that serve their clients and community.