4 Strategies To Amp Up Your Email List and Grow Your Subscribers

4 Strategies To Amp Up Your Email List and Grow Your Subscribers

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According to Hubspot, business email lists shrink by about 22% every year — that’s customers and prospects opting-out, changing addresses, or abandoning old accounts only used for filling out forms on websites.

Consistently building an email list is like plasma to businesses. Here are some easy ways to do it:

1. Run a contest or giveaway
The psychology behind this is simple: People love winning or getting free stuff and are often willing to exchange their email address to be “in it.”

The contest can be anything, really — ask people to share their cutest pet photo, a video of their best blooper, or a favorite poem. Then, use your social media accounts to promote it and direct users to a landing page on your website where they can enter by using their email address. Be sure to add social sharing buttons to the landing pages and thank-you emails.

2. Team up with a complimentary business
If you don’t have a robust social media presence, partner up with another business or organization that does — one whose customer profile matches your own. Real estate agents often do this with attorneys and mortgage lenders. Create an email newsletter or webinar where all partners can pitch in to create the content and share their respective audience’s emails.

Think about how your business can pitch an event to a library, a municipal organization, or a chamber of commerce. There are many organizations who are willing to take a chance on working with local businesses. Ask yourself: How can your business add value to their patrons?

3. Use pop-up forms
A pop-up form is like a digital version of your handshake asking website visitors to buy into your brand in exchange for their email address. Include a clear and punchy headline that succinctly describes an important benefit that your potential customers will receive by subscribing.

Of course, pop-ups have their downside. They can be annoying. But, according to Mailchimp, business owners see their lists grow by an average of 50.8% after adding a pop-up form to their site. That’s all you need to know. So dial down the intrusiveness by using lightbox modals and automated timers.

4. Look for dedicated e-blasts and other paid email placement opportunities
If you don’t have the bandwidth to create and curate your own email list, there are still options. One fast track to reaching potential customer or client inboxes is to leverage the email channels of local and niche media companies. Schneps Media, for example, has over half a million email subscribers in the NYC region alone, and with campaigns including sponsored giveaways, webinars and events, you can even share in the entry/registrant emails to grow your list directly.


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