“Schneps Connects” Podcast Debuts, Explores the Triumphs and Challenges of Local Business and Political leaders

“Schneps Connects” Podcast Debuts, Explores the Triumphs and Challenges of Local Business and Political leaders

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With the debut of a new podcast, Schneps Connects, millions of New Yorkers will get a peek into the inner workings of the region’s political, civic and business leaders. Hosted by Schneps Media’s Josh Schneps, the podcast will feature candid conversations where guests will talk about their proudest accomplishments, biggest challenges, and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Schneps Media, founded in 1985 by Victoria Schneps in her living room with one newspaper, The Queens Courier, has grown to reach millions of New Yorkers every week.

Still co-run by Victoria Schneps, the company today produces more than 70 market-leading newspapers, magazines, and websites; has more than 500,000 email subscribers and dozens of social media channels; stages hundreds of events for business owners and consumers, as well as iconic food & beverage events; and produces dozens of podcasts and webinars.

After a stint on Wall Street as an investment banker, Josh Schneps joined the family business in 2001, which at the time included The Queens Courier and a monthly health magazine. Since then he’s overseen the company’s digital diversification and growth throughout New York City as well as Long Island, Westchester, and Philadelphia.

The company’s growth is a testament to a passion for quality local news, involvement in each of the communities they serve, and foresight into the way news consumption has changed. Along the way, Schneps Media has developed strong relationships and has opened doors to those most invested in New York City.

It’s these opened doors that the Schneps Connects podcast will explore. Tune in wherever you get your podcasts or stream them on SchnepsMedia.com.

We asked Josh Schneps 5 questions about the podcast.

What inspired Schneps Connects?
Josh Schneps: Our reporters are writing award-winning unique stories that are as local as it gets. They are sharing stories that shape New York City neighborhood by neighborhood. Yet many of the stories are shaped by people behind the scene in leadership roles that are known by name and face, yet not much about their backgrounds, who they are as people, what they have learned in their roles and why they make some of their decisions. The goal with this podcast is to have candid conversations with these leaders so our listeners can learn more about those shaping our City.

Why is Schneps Media in a unique position to tell these stories?
As an owner of local media we have the privilege of getting to know so many great leaders. It’s that ability that I would like to share with all of our readers and listeners.

What can listeners expect from these interviews?
A candid conversation giving listeners insight into not just what the person is doing but the person themselves and how they got to where they are. Also what they are doing that has an impact on many New Yorkers lives.

Who are some upcoming guests?
Next year will mark some of the biggest changes in New York City politics. Hundreds will be vying for City Council seats and the Mayoral race will be a heated contest. Each of these newly appointed officials will shape the City for many years to come and we hope to speak with many of them starting with those running for Mayor.

Who would be a dream guest living or dead?
My dad. I lost him a couple of years ago and like most if not every son I am always eager to know what he would think, how he is doing, share my successes and lean on him during my failures.

The Podcast is available on iTunesSpotifyStitcher or stream it online here.

If you would like to submit a notable guest to appear on Schneps Connects please email: [email protected]