5 Signs That Your Website Needs a Refresh

5 Signs That Your Website Needs a Refresh

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So it’s been a while since you’ve paid attention to your website. Here are five signs that you need a refresh.

1. Your website doesn’t display well on multiple devices

In the time since you’ve refreshed your website, the world has gone mobile. More than 50% of people view websites on their mobile phone, and your site needs to be sympatico with technology in order to compete. Time for an update.

2. Outdated content 

Is your latest blog post date-stamped from two years ago? Are there products on your site you no longer carry? Is there messaging that’s outdated? You know it’s time for an update.

3. Customers can’t find your website

Here’s a case that’s frightening: a customer types your company name into Google and your website doesn’t show up until the third page — time for a major refresh, with a focus on SEO, including keyword targeting, and on-page optimization.

4. Your bounce rate is high

A high bounce rate is a sign that viewers think your website’s not compelling or interesting, or relevant to their needs. For an average site, a bounce rate of 40% is normal. Anything above 50% —  time for a refresh.

5. Time on page is low

Similar to a high bounce rate, a low time on page metric indicates that your content is a big yawn. If time on page is below 10 seconds — time for an update.


Interested in discussing how to give your website a refresh? Our team would be happy to assist you with that and your overall digital strategy and goals.