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Gus Lambropoulos


Agora Asset Management

Konstantinos is a senior commercial and residential property management and financial services professional. With a global perspective earned from his various roles as owner, lender and financial and property manager and consultant, Konstantinos clearly defines problems, crafts solutions and implements strategic initiatives tailored to each client’s unique requirements.

President of Agora Asset Management LLC, a property management and consulting firm, Konstantinos overseen a portfolio of $100M, with properties in New York, New Jersey & Florida. Managing all aspects of property ownership, Konstantinos and AAM handle everything from financing and capital improvements to building management and tenant relationships.

A licensed real estate broker with deep experience in middle market and small business lending, Konstantinos relies on his financial, business and credit analysis acumen to also help businesses identify attributes and deficits, devise solutions and assist them with mergers and acquisitions.

Having also served as an investment advisor to a boutique international clientele, Konstantinos appreciates the value of building a personal relationship with each client. To ensure their needs are addressed and goals are met, Konstantinos is more than willing to step in and do any job required, from negotiating a multi-million-dollar mortgage to advising a client on a small asset purchase.

Innovative, resourceful and reliable, over his long career, Konstantinos has managed $1B in assets and commercial and residential mortgages, established and overseen bank branches and departments in various institutions, and purchased and supervised over $100M in commercial and residential properties.

Konstantinos earned a BBA from CUNY, Baruch College, where he was also a candidate for its highly-regarded Ph.D. program. He holds an FSCP designation from the American College of Financial Services and has attended Fitch Learning’s Chartered Financial Analyst program.