Ledi Vokshi Marcelino

Ledi Vokshi LLC

Chief Executive Officer

Ledi Vokshi moved to NYC from Albania at eleven years old, seeking political asylum. In her early years, she wore many hats on the way to success. From Albanian singer-performer to a waitress, then Mother of two infants to running multiple remote businesses. Now, Chief Executive Officer of her own Ledi Vokshi LLC, Ledi Vokshi Marcelino, was always industrious and business-minded.


At seven years old, Vokshi Marcelino would take chocolate from her Mother’s store to sell to commuters at the station. Throughout her entire life, Vokshi Marcelino went in and out of business, from brick and mortar to online retail all way to the IT industry. Drawn to the freedom of location and time, she quickly fell in love with the digital world.


During her pregnancy, she experienced a life-changing revelation and came to understand the power of serving instead of selling. Together Vokshi Marcelino and her husband are founders of an IT company that now helps thousands of clients.


When the COVID-19 pandemic shifted work and interaction, their Voltekit.com experienced exponential growth to meet demand. As millions of women left the workforce, Vokshi Marcelino sought to help women navigate the new pressures of life, career, and family. Vokshi Marcelino began to coach women on perspective, mental health, and entrepreneurship, using social media and brand development to drive sales. Vokshi Marcelino continues to pour into the women in her network and beyond, sharing the power of implementation, repletion, accountability, and community.


Vokshi Marcelino and her network is dedicated to the pay-it-forward initiative donating part of the company’s proceeds to bigopenheart.org, providing education, housing, legal, and therapy for sexually abused children.