Maria Markou

Maria Markou, Esq.

Founder and President of Markou Global Legal Group, LLC.

Maria Markou, Esq. has been serving as the Founder and President of Markou Global Legal Group, LLC. She is a respected authority on international law, an experienced attorney, certified mediator by New York Peace Institute, legal journalist, and notary public. She was born in Athens, Greece and is licensed to practice law in both Greece and New York. She has also served as the President of Hellenic Women’s Alliance, a
New York based non- profit organization which assists the people in need with focus on the Hellenic community.

She holds a Diploma in Law (Greek equivalent of a J.D. degree) from the Law School of Athens, an LL.M degree from St. Mary’s University School of Law, Texas, and a M.Sc. degree in Sociology of Law & European Law from Lund University, Sweden. Markou is also a holder of Executive Diplomas in Negotiation & Leadership from Harvard Law School and Law Firm General Counsel Practices from Georgetown Law Center. Furthermore, she is specialized in Intellectual Property Law & Digital Information from Lund University. Besides her extensive legal experience over numerous cases that she has handled internationally, Markou was a partner in a law firm for several years and an instructor at a notable legal institution in Athens, where she has taught legal courses to candidate judges, diplomats, and process servers, law students, police officers, and public notaries.

In addition, she has written numerous legal articles with a special focus on lawyers’ ethics. Markou has been the recipient of awards for her dedication to justice and her pro bono commitment to the community. She is very connected with Greece because many of her important lifetime steps and events up until now took place there; consequently, she always tries to promote the Greek culture and values. Her motivation quote for life and career is that “success is based on effort”.