14X11 JENNIFER Hegazy

Jennifer Hegazy

Jennifer Hegazy is Director of Operations at EIHAB Human Services. Jennifer works with financial and budgetary activities to fund operations, maximize investments and increase efficiency. She also manages subordinate supervisors and is responsible for the overall direction, coordination and evaluation of programs that provide services to individuals with developmental disabilities.
Since joining the agency in 2002, Jennifer has worked hard to advance in her career and progress in the profession. She began as an Administrative Assistant. After five years in that role, she applied for a client coordinator position to work hands-on with those in need. While working at Queens Village Day Hab, she cherished the opportunity to enhance the lives of the individuals served by EIHAB. In 2011, Jennifer was promoted to Assistant Program Coordinator and eventually relocated to Springfield Day Hab in 2013. Four years later, she was promoted to Program Coordinator. In January 2019, Jennifer embarked on a new journey at EIHAB Human Services, serving as Director of Day Hab Services. The following September, she was promoted to her current role, where she continues to excel with multiple responsibilities in Operations.