Mari Gabrielle Millet


President & CEO

Morris Heights Health Center

Mari G. Millet is a Healthcare Executive with over 38 years extensive leadership experience, covering In patient Acute Care, Ambulatory Care, Surgical Services, Emergency /Urgent Care and Community Healthcare. She is the President & CEO of the Morris Heights Health Center, Inc. (MHHC).
As President and CEO of Morris Heights Health Center since September 2017, Ms. Millet has focused her efforts on structural reorganization, financial stability, building community partnerships, establishing community leadership relationships and improving patient and employee experiences.
Before arriving to Morris Heights, Ms. Millet served as the Deputy Executive Director for Gotham Health, a Division of Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC), where she led the Brooklyn and Queens Ambulatory Care and Community Health Systems including but not limited to East New York Health Center, FQHC Look-alike and Cumberland Health Center FQHC and many of the additional Community Health Centers in both boroughs.
A strategic visionary, Ms. Millet demonstrated acuity which turned around the operations under her charge at HHC, leading to a budget surplus of over $1.2 million and increased productivity of over 17%. Ms. Millet was also a lead in the Mayor’s initiative on “Caring Neighborhoods”. Working closely with Ms. Laray Brown, she played a key role in all facets of the project. She worked directly Mayor’s office to address health disparities impacting the City of New York. During this period she worked with multi disciplined teams, to identify the most underserved areas in NYC, and was able to help effectuate change that promoted improvements in the model of care provided by the current Community Health Clinics. This led to the City’s broad expansion of access to care and clinic facilities throughout Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island.
A strong proponent and advocate for community advancement, Ms. Millet also believes in working collaboratively to achieve the best outcomes for the communities she serves, and demonstrates the facility to develop solid partnerships. Over the years she has worked closely with numerous community based organizations and elected officials to secure resources that assist in improving delivery of care models for the community with a strong emphasis in supportive services such as, HIV, Social Services, Anticipatory Guidance for Child and Adolescent Health.
She also served as Chief Operating Officer of Brownsville Community Development Corporation and helped position that organization to expand access to care and its operational reach; achievement of Joint Commission Accreditation and the status of Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) level three.
She remains deeply passionate about working with and providing services to underserved and multicultural communities. This passion has fueled her mission to decrease healthcare disparities by increasing access to quality healthcare. It is Ms. Millet’s belief that every individual should have access to quality healthcare and model of true patient care addresses the “Whole Being”, in all aspects of health– social, physical, emotional and intellectual with Pride, Passion and Purpose. She also holds the firm belief that Health Centers should be a “Medical Home” in the communities they serve. She remains strongly committed to strengthening the foundation of MHHC’s healthcare model while continuing to explore opportunities for growth and expansion.