Alissa Kaufman Headshot

Dr. Alisa Kauffman


Voted as a top woman dentist in the U.S., Dr. Alisa Kauffman makes dental housecalls for the elderly and frail. She started a network of dentists across the country promoting this underserved population of individuals who deserve dental care. She will be honored on October 10th as the chair of the Alzheimer’s Walk in Central Park.

Dr. Kauffman limited her practice in 1995 to Geriatrics and is currently the Director of Geriatric Dental Care at 3 local nursing homes. She also lectures in Geriatrics at Penn Dental Medicine and is the founder of the Dental LIFE program at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. She frequently lectures on Geriatric Dentistry worldwide.

The hospitals depend on Dr. Kauffman to replace all lost dentures in a timely manner. Dr. Kauffman offers high-quality dentistry to the geriatric population that is often neglected due to their limited ability or inability to leave their home or apartment. Dr. Kauffman is experienced in handling patients with Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and all forms of Dementia.