Irene Manolias


Serene Home Nursing Agency


Irene Manolias is a visionary and an entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience as a registered nurse and a business developer. In 2009, Irene started Serene Home Nursing Agency, a home nursing agency based out of Patchogue, New York. As the company’s Owner and CEO, she started Serene with a single case and since then has built it to what is now one of the most prominent nursing agencies on Long Island with well over 3,000 employees and patients. Because of her incredible work over the years as a CEO, in 2014, Irene became a recipient of the Parker Jewish Institute Platinum Professional Award for Outstanding Leadership in Healthcare. Aside from running her business, in her spare time Irene is a strong advocate for children with disabilities and is a dynamic role model in her community. She has organized numerous fundraising events and always makes the extra effort to give back to her community when she can. With the backing of her agency, Irene offers merit awards to health care workers who positively display leadership abilities and/or actively volunteer in the community. Her drive and passion for helping her patients and her community is second to none.