Matthew Aracich Headshot

Matthew Aracich

Building & Construction Trades Council

Matthew Aracich is one of four children born to his Heat and Frost Insulator father, and an identical twin. His paternal grandfather was also a Heat and Frost Insulator eclipsing a 100 year heritage in his Local Union. Born in the Bronx, he moved to Bayshore, Long Island in his teens. He initially worked as a commercial diver, and then went to work for the U.S. government, first doing geological surveys, then as a Heavy Equipment Operator for the U.S. Navy. In July of 1985, he followed in the family footsteps by becoming a Heat and Frost Insulator in his own right. In 1988, he became a Mechanic, and a Foreman. He worked almost exclusively for one company during his employment as a mechanic in the construction trade.
In 1999, he became President of Local 12, then, in 2004, Financial Secretary. In 2012 he started his tenure as Business Manager and Financial Secretary, which continued until January 2018 when he was unanimously elected the President of the Building and Construction Trades Council of Nassau and Suffolk Counties representing 37 Affiliates. Aracich represents the Council in all capacities in political activities while securing strategies to grow more market share for the Labor Unions.
His accomplishments during his tenure are many and his talents have not gone unnoticed in the sphere of government. He has often been asked to testify to legislators and government agencies on energy issues. Aracich was also invited to the White House during the Obama Administration to give a presentation on the benefits of Mechanical Insulation.