Michael Pitsinos Headshot

Michael Pitsinos

Restauranter & Philanthropist

Restaurateur and philanthropist Micheal Pitsinos has spent over two decades cultivating his passions for cuisine, art, and charity in the restaurant industry. Pitsinos has introduced a unique and revolutionary artistic flare to the Hampton dining experience, presenting NAIA Hamptons as a living artwork. A restaurant that not only draws East Enders and A-list celebrities but aims to give back adopting the waste not concept that is farm-to-table. NAIA Hamptons, named for the Greek term meaning ‘sea nymph’ harkening to the restaurateur’s childhood roots in Greece and years abroad feeding and aiding the less fortunate in Guatemala, Cuba, Mexico and Panama, is one of the first high-end locales of its kind donating profits to support local charitable organizations. It was abroad, during these early formative years of service for his fellow man, that Pitsinos cultivated his vision to form a new partnership between dining service and the world in need, the idea that philanthropy goes well with everything.

Pitsinos’ work in the restaurant industry has proven that philanthropy can be sexy yet responsible. In combining his passions for food, art, and philanthropy Michael Pitsinos continues to fulfill his sense of purpose creating positive change for Hamptonites as well as in the restaurant world and beyond. A Pitsinos dining experience is an experience that surpasses the traditional personal experience, it goes beyond the poolside, plate, or raised glass; for his patrons, he is creating an identity for social responsibility which is priceless.