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Noel DiGerolamo


Suffolk County Police Benevolent Association

Noel DiGerolamo is the President of the Suffolk County Police Benevolent Association, representing all Police Officers within the Suffolk County Police Department. In his capacity as President he is responsible for all management and budget aspects of this multi-million-dollar corporation and is responsible for negotiating the P.B.A.’s collective bargaining agreements. In addition, he is charged with ensuring all terms and working conditions of the contracts are enforced. As Chairman of the Board of the PBA Benefit Fund, he is directly responsible for the administration and oversight of the Fund, which services over 5,000 active and retired members. He also serves as direct liaison to the Suffolk County Legislature and the Executive Branch of Suffolk County. Noel also sits as the President of the Suffolk County Probation Officers Association and the Regional Vice President of the National Association of Police Organizations.

Noel was born in Suffolk County and has spent most of his life living and working in New York. In 1990, he served with the 800th Military Police Brigade during the Persian Gulf War in Saudi Arabia. Upon his return, Noel joined the New York City Police Department in 1992 before entering the Suffolk County Police Department in 1995. In 1999, he was elected to serve as a Union Delegate before being elected to the Board of Governors as the 1st Precinct Trustee in November 2000. During his tenure on the Board, he served on nearly every PBA committee, and in July 2007, he was unanimously voted by the sitting Board of Governors to the Executive Board as Financial Secretary. In two short months, he was again unanimously voted to the 2nd Vice President position. Noel assumed the role of President in April of 2012 where he is currently serving his second term of office.

In September of the same year, Noel became the first police union president in 23 years to negotiate and ratify a collective bargaining agreement in Suffolk County. Simultaneously, he organized all the municipal unions in Suffolk County to create SCOPE, the Suffolk Coalition of Public Employees, as a legal entity charged with representing all County employees and retirees for healthcare benefits. Noel sits as the President of SCOPE as well as the labor Co-Chair on the Employee Medical Health Plan, working collaboratively with management representatives to administer the existing health benefit plan in Suffolk County. His responsibilities include, negotiating health insurance benefits for over 47,000 County employees, retirees and dependents. During his first year as President, he was successful in negotiating the longest healthcare agreement in Suffolk County history, securing benefits through the end of 2020. In 2019, he negotiated a consecutive collective bargaining agreement for the Suffolk PBA, the first time accomplished in over 30 years, while concurrently negotiating a healthcare extension through 2025.

Noel presently lives in Mount Sinai with his wife Nancy and three children Noel Jr., Elena and Jacqueline.


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