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Susan Costella, RN, MHA

Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation

Clinical Director of Nursing


In her 20 years at Parker Jewish Institute, starting as a Head Nurse in 1998 and steadily moving up into presently the Clinical Director of Nursing, she has seen firsthand the demands and changes in the long-term health care space.  Among the many accomplishments in her practice, she has been a leader in creating programs to enhance care delivery to our patients and residents.  A few mentioned here are only a tiny sample of the many ideas that she had brought to fruition; She has developed and implemented a Prospective Payment System within the Nursing Department.  She has served as a patient advocate and maintained professional standards of care at all times.  Parker has collaborated in the development of creative strategies both to maximize patient outcomes and maintain compliance with regulatory agencies.  She also established indicators to assess the quality of nursing services provided.  Parker also co-authored the facility-wide Interdisciplinary Care Plan Manual. Developed Administrative Sub-acute policies, procedures, and Care Plans. 


Parker is a tireless advocate for the patients, residents, and families served by the institute, leading with an emphasis on clinical excellence and collaborative teamwork. Her warm and inviting nature is reflected in the meticulous garden that she tends to in her personal life at home and the team members she interacts with daily.  Parker is a beacon of light and experience at Parker. Her knowledge and profound love of what she does, her vocation to serve an aging population remain an inspiration and treasured community resource.