3 Ways That Analytics Can Provide Intelligence for Your Business

3 Ways That Analytics Can Provide Intelligence for Your Business

If you have a website and want to understand how visitors are interacting with it, you need Google Analytics. In short, it provides you with a full picture of how your site is performing by collecting data and generating reports. It’s like having an employee with incredible digital insights and skills — for free.

Here are 3 things GA can do for your business:

Maximize Your Marketing

The insights collected from Analytics reports can help you answer many questions about your marketing efforts:

  • How much traffic is driven to your site by different marketing channels (email, organic SEO, paid ads, or social media, for example).
  • Where do your site visitors live?
  • What is the conversion rate (CVR) of visitors from different channels?

This data can help you better tailor your marketing efforts. If email is driving most of your conversions, you’ll know to increase your efforts there. If social media isn’t driving any transactions, you’ll know to temper expectations or use it more for brand awareness and customer engagement.

Improve Site Performance

Analytics reports can tell you about your site and the people who are using it. The answers to these questions can be useful:

  • Which of my pages get the most traffic?
  • Where on my site do visitors leave (or bounce)?
  • How quickly do my site’s pages load?
  • Are load times longer for visitors using mobile devices?

Those kinds of insights give you practical ways to improve your site performance. You might, for instance, learn that your blog posts get a lot of traffic — that could tell you that producing more and promoting them well could help boost traffic even further.

Boost Your SEO

Google Analytics insights will you maximize your SEO efforts. The platform helps answer important questions about how users find and interact with your site:

  • How much search traffic is your site getting?
  • Which of your landing pages gets the most traffic?
  • What search queries do visitors use to find your site?
  • What’s your site’s bounce rate for visitors from different sources?

With intelligence from Google Analytics, you’ll have abetter idea how and who to target. The result will boost you ROI and make a smoother experience for your customers.


If you don’t trust your tech expertise, you might get better results from someone who knows analytics — like Schneps Media. Our team would be happy to assist you with that and your overall digital strategy and goals.