get known

Build visibility for yourself, important team members and/or an initiative your company is working on by raising your profile. Expand your network with people who can unlock doors and opportunities for you. Every honoree is profiled and promoted throughout our extensive media outlets.

get connected

Make face-to-face connections with other high-level business leaders to find mutually beneficial opportunities. Connect with people from whom you can learn, using their experiences to grow your knowledge and skill set. Each event includes about 40 honorees that are introduced and connected. Throughout the year VIP networking events invite all our past honorees that number in the thousands.

get referred

Through sharing tips, experiences, ideas and referrals, you build the bonds of a business relationship. The secret to networking is about what you can do for others, to trust that someday, possibly in an unexpected way, the door of opportunity will open.

what it means to be an honoree

"ESTABLISH your business on the map..."

"Grow and strengthen your business REPUTATION..."

"Gain ACCESS to hard to reach decision makers"

"Build SALES through new leads and referrals..."

"Get recognition and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT..."

"Play a role in supporting your COMMUNITY..."


Nominate an honoree at our events!

Our Power Women are influential women, our Kings are influential men and a Star Under Forty is an up and coming professional or community leader under the age of 40. The candidates can be a business and/or community leader. We are seeking those who contribute to their community making it a better place to work and live. The one stipulation is the candidate work, live or participate in an organization in the geographic area the potential honoree is seeking to be recognized.

Please complete the application below for self-nominations or nominations on behalf of others.