Lead Capture 101: Turn Your Website Visitors Into Customers

Lead Capture 101: Turn Your Website Visitors Into Customers

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The question that every business owner should ask themselves is this: what’s the best way to capture website traffic and turn them into email leads?

It’s called lead generation, or lead capture, a process that starts when a visitor to your website clicks on a call-to-action (CTA) on one of your pages. That CTA leads them to a landing page, which includes a form that collects the visitor’s contact information.

Once the visitor fills out and submits the form — voila! You’ve got a lead, which you can export into your customer relationship management system so your sales team can follow up.

Here are four ways to optimize the process:

1. Do an audit

Some of your pages might make excellent lead generators and you don’t even realize it. That’s why it’s a good idea to do a status check of your current state of lead generation before you begin so you can determine the areas that need some TLC.

First, conduct an audit in Google Analytics of where most of your online traffic and outreach comes from — your lead generators:

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Live Chat
  • Blog Posts

2. Next, add forms to high-traffic pages 

Once you identify where your traffic is coming from, make sure the pages they’re landing on are nurturing their interest with relevant content.

For example, if most of your potential leads are arriving at your website from Instagram, refresh the pages they’re visiting and keep them engaged, perhaps with visually-oriented content.

Pages that get a lot of traffic should have longer-form content that visitors can access through forms — accessed through a GET STARTED CTA button, for example — to capture their contact information.

3. Measure, measure 

Test how your existing lead generators are performing using a tool like Website Grader, which evaluates your landing pages and CTAs.

What are the conversion rates of our pages? If on one page you’ve gotten two email addresses from 100 visitors, that’s a 2% conversion rate (CVR). Not too bad. Meanwhile, if another page yields five email addresses from 100 visitors, that’s 5% and it’s  outstanding.

Why did one page convert higher than the other? Figure it out and optimize the lesser-performing page accordingly.

4. Drive targeted leads to your site

Ad banners, sponsored content, and dedicated emails are great ways to drive convertible traffic to your website. Once you have a robust email list, there are any number of email platforms to help to capitalize on it.

If you don’t trust your tech expertise, you might get better results from someone who knows analytics and lead capture strategy — like Schneps Media. Our team would be happy to help you optimize each step of the lead generation process.