Healthcare Heros

Corporate Partners

June 30th, 2021 AT 7PM


We are Celebrating the contributions and dedication of the healthcare community from New York to Montauk.  Spotlighting excellence and applauding innovation. Schneps Events will honor Healthcare Heroes who deliver and support quality care.

Email [email protected] or call 917.272.4213 to nominate. 


Dr. Tommaso Addona

Dr. Tommaso Addona Headshot

Gina Aiello

Gina Aiello Headshot

Kelly Albanese Scherer

Kelly Albanese Scherer Headshot

Rita Acquafredda

Rita Acquafredda Headshot

Helen Arteaga Landaverde, MPH

Helen Arteaga Landaverde

Dr. Jerry Balentine

Jerry Balentine

Tara Buonocore-Rut

Tara Buonocore-Rut Headshot

Ishmael Carter

Ishmael Carter Headshot

Nicole Christensen

Nicole Christensen

Robert Ciatto

Robert Ciatto Headshot

Tori Cohen


Cristina Contreras

Cristina Contreras Headshot

Sherly Demosthenes-Atkinson

Sherly Demosthenes-Atkinson Headshot

Emma DeVito


Kathleen Donahue

Kathleen Donahue Headshot

Dr. Thierry Duchatellier

Dr. Thierry Duchatellier Headshot

Dr. David Edelson

Dr. David Edelson Headshot

Don Feltman

Don Feltman Headshot

Dr. Nick Fitterman

Nick Fitterman Headshot

Dr. Maria Fletcher

Maria Fletcher

Jeffrey Friedman

Jeffrey Friedman Headshot

Marcia R. Gardner, Ph.D.

Marcia Gardner Headshot

Dr. Kenneth B. Graham

Dr. Kenneth B. Graham Headshot

Brian Harper, M.D., M.P.H.

Brian Harper Headshot

Dr. Cameron R. Hernandez

Dr. Cameron Hernandez Headshot

Marc Z. Kramer

Marc Kramer Headshot

Nicole Laborde

Nicole headshot - Nicole Laborde

Daniel J. Lowy

Daniel J. Lowy Headshot

Hossam Maksoud

Hossam Maksoud Headshot

Jonathan Mawere, MD


Margaret M. McGovern, MD, Ph.D.

P99, Margaret McGovern, Pediatrics

Neil J. Moore

Neil Moore Headshot

Donna Moravick, RN, NP, MBA

Donna Moravick Headshot New

Stanfort Perry

Stanfort Perry Headshot

Carolyn K. Quinn

Carolyn Quinn Headshot

Michael N. Rosenblut, MBA, LNHA, CASP

Michael Rosenblut Headshot

Debbie Salas-Lopez, MD, MPH

Debbie Salas-Lopez Headshot

Gordon Schmidt, Ph.D.

Gordon Schmidt Headshot

Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez

Screen Shot 2021-06-08 at 9.59.53 AM

Dr. Elaine Smith

Dr. Elaine Smith Headshot

Joshua Thomas

Joshua Thomas

Jeffrey Vacirca, MD

Dr. Jeffrey Vacirca Headshot (1)

Dr. Miriam Vega

Miriam Vega Headshot

Nicole Wadsworth, D.O.

Nicole Wadsworth Headshot

Patrica A. Winston

Patricia Winston Headshot

Sofia Yagudaev

Sofia Yagudaev Headshot

MediSys Vaccination Team

MediSys Vax Team Photo

St. John's Episcopal Hospital Labor and Delivery Team